drauftWhat can I expect from the Artisans draughtproofing and refurbishment service?

  • Reduction in air infiltration to meet the highest requirements of regulation BS6375 part 1:1989
  • Reduction in exterior noise penetration by up to 50%
  • Elimination of draughts
  • Elimination of sash rattle
  • Easier operation of sliding sashes
  • Retention of original appearance of the window(s)
  • A five year guarantee of workmanship

    What is draughtproofing and how is it done?:
  • The staff, parting beads and sash cords are removed and discarded, upper and lower sashes are released and brought into the building
  • Both sashes are adjusted and the mid-rails are re-aligned
  • All four sash cords are replaced and sash weights are adjusted to ensure balance
  • Any bare wood exposed or uncovered is painted white with an acrylic primer/undercoat
  • Pile carriers are fitted to the mid-rail of the lower sash
  • New staff and parting beads, with integral pile carriers, are fitted to your window
  • The sashes are re-hung and checked to ensure easy sliding
  • Good quality polished brass or chrome furniture is fitted and security/restrictor bolts can be added as an optional extra (link to fittings pop-up)

    We can also offer the following as part of the refurbishment process:
  • Repair of damaged or rotten wood
  • Replacement of individual sashes
  • Replacement of window sills and damaged glazing
  • Preparation and re-painting
  • New hardwood, double glazed and draughtproofed sashes with new box frames made to a traditional design or matched to your existing windows